A Day in the Life of a Fly

Maevi Fleming – 12 years old

Maevi Fleming – 12 years old

BAM!!!! The squashed fly slid off the slippery swat.

Oh no, not poor Mabel! She was so young, cried Marty looking up from the delectably creamy jam sponge they had discovered on their epic adventures. It had been such a lovely day.

Marty's life flashed before him.

My journey began as an egg in a fresh, moist cowpat on a bright spring day. I shared my home with 150 brothers and sisters. We quickly grew into larvae and spent very happy memories together as we reveled in burrowing in the warm moist excrement. I then became a pupae with a hard firm shell, my new look was amazingly beautiful.

I emerged from the pupae and there she was......Sunning herself on a discarded McDonald's burger bun, my Mabel. She looked dazzlingly gorgeous, her wings glistening in the sun. I buzzed up to her and it was love at first sight. Her head, thorax and abdomen were in perfect proportion and her red bulging eyes drove me crazy. She was a large, healthy specimen, a fly that I knew would be up to the task of carrying on the mission of populating the universe with our genes for the rest of our two weeks of life.

Mabel was my mentor, she taught me all she knew. I learnt of a species called Humans. They provided a vast, endless, irresistible buffet of waste and refuse and they were extremely messy and dirty. But I also learnt how dangerous they were, out to destroy us at every turn. She taught me how to get my revenge on them by spreading a range of diseases and viruses like typhoid fever, diarrhea and salmonella.

Flying over the sprawling, heaving, choking city, we were overwhelmed and enticed by the tantalizing stench of open garbage cans, overflowing with oozing nappies and rotting food. The pungent aroma was irresistible to us. The hours raced by as we frolicked in muck and wallowed in waste. We flew inside houses to feast on tables laden with delicious food then flew outside to dine on freshly deposited doggy doo on the footpaths.

But alas, as Mabel was indulging in the sickly, sweetening, cream delight her impeccable vision that enabled her to see all around, let her down. A large, plastic swat came crashing down on her as the cream exploded onto every surface.

My heart was broken, I fled out the window. But as I was flying a little voice cried out.

Daddy, Daddy I've been looking for you. She was the spitting image of Mabel.....

Ursula Moray Williams Creative Writing Competition Years 7-8 winner (run by Timaru District Libraries)

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